Reuniwatt specializes in solar forecasting and climatic information systems. It provides solutions and technologies to massively and securely inject photovoltaics into the grid.

Reuniwatt is a young and innovative company, settled in Reunion Island (France) and Paris which has won several prizes for its innovative solutions. Reuniwatt keeps on investing in R&D to always improve its products, match its customers’ exact needs and develop new projects.

Reuniwatt offers unique solar forecasting solutions, available through a SaaS (Software as a Service) which enables the diverse stakeholders in the electricity value chain to better handle the variability of PV. Thanks to Reuniwatt, solar energy becomes reliable. Production operators, grid managers, utilities and energy traders can take significant advantages from the use of our tools.

Our solar forecasting solutions allow PV-generated or solar thermal electricity to flow through the electric networks in a massive and secured way. By forecasting the electricity output of solar panels at different time horizons (coming minutes, hours and days), solar operators cananticipate the electricity flow and use renewable energies’ full potential.

Our constantly updated solar forecasting tools are reliable and flexible enough to adapt to every need, anywhere in the world.

Reuniwatt outlines the stakes of solar forecasting

solar forecasting - Reuniwatt