Encouraging the development of renewable energies in the Indian Ocean

Reuniwatt is offering its expert services in energy mix in order to help renewable energy sources soar in the Indian Ocean area. Many of the countries in this area share the same characteristics:

Map of the Indian Ocean countries around Reunion Island

Source : COI

  • Most of these countries are unconnected islands and have to import more than 80% of their energy consumption. Quite often, this figure is even very close to 100%. This has important financial and environmental consequences: very costly importation of fossil fuels which dampens the economic growth, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental degradations,…
  •  Many of these developing Island-States have to face the consequences of global warming and the climate change associated: ocean rise, change in the climate patterns affecting agriculture and energy consumption,…
  • These islands also have common geographical features (topography, vegetation, …)
  • Finally, they all enjoy the same resources (mainly abundant energy received from the sun). Hence, they have to learn how to handle and use these resources in a sustainable way.


Reuniwatt is putting a lot of efforts into helping the development of renewable energies in the Indian Ocean. As an expert in energy mix, offers different services to reach this goal:

  • Innovative solutions via tailored services to answer strategic issues. As an example, find out more about our Case Study on Reunion Island’s strategic issues and how our patented photovoltaic ground table can answer them. This case study is just one example out of many cases where Reuniwatt can help administrations, municipalities and companies deal with their issues on renewable energies in the Indian Ocean.


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