[Webinar Series] Renewable hybrid energy solutions: Decarbonising mines, cost reduction and energy security

The mining industry faces a complex challenge: how to provide the essential resources the modern global economy needs while reducing its own environmental impact. The integration of renewables and energy storage into its power system offers a number of opportunities for mines: making production more sustainable and reducing costs, while securing and hedging future energy supply cost.
In this webinar, three renewables industry leaders will showcase best practices for the conceptualisation, design, installation and operation of cost-efficient hybrid systems, and their implementation at different mining sites – including Fekola Gold Mine in Mali and Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt. Their perspective ranges from the early planning phase to operations, and an outlook towards the energy future of mining practices in the coming years.

The director of Promethium Carbon advisory Robbie Louw will introduce the case for hybridisation and lead you through the event. The technical and economic approach on how renewables generate the most benefit for mining operations – decarbonize and reduce production cost at the same time -, how this approach has already delivered a convincing showcase and what will be the next level of renewables at mines will be brought to you by Martin Schlecht, Managing Director of Dornier Suntrace. Dave Manning, Managing Director at JUWI Renewable Energy, will give insights into the development of hybrid projects over the years and share the progress of this nowadays proven technology illustrated by several of JUWI鈥檚 use cases. Finally, Marion Lafuma, Business Development Manager at Reuniwatt, will discuss the use of solar power forecasting in hybrid systems as a way to maximise both savings and energy security.

The DeGrussa solar hybrid power system, developed, built and integrated by JUWI, provides electricity to the DeGrussa mine in Western Australia.

Join our discussion if you are a mining executive and interested in the implementation of decarbonisation measures. You鈥檒l learn more about the best practices and value of installing renewables at mining sites, on- or off-grid.

After this webinar you’ll have an understanding of:

  • how to reduce your production costs and achieve stability in hybrid systems

  • best practices & implementation of hybrid projects over the years

  • additional savings and security through system optimisation using solar forecasts

  • the energy future of the mining industry according to our experts

About the speakers:

Robbie Louw is the founder and director of Promethium Carbon. He has over 17 years of experience in the climate change industry. Robbie holds both a BCom Honours Degree in Economics as well as a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering. Robbie has significant experience with regards climate change mitigation and adaptation. Robbie鈥檚 chemical engineering background combined with his extensive experience in climate change has led to him leading a number of projects related to climate change risk and vulnerability, energy development and developing climate change mitigation and adaptation alternatives.聽 His experience over a period of 35 years covers the chemical, mining, minerals process and energy fields, in which he was, involved in R&D, project, operational and management levels. Robbie is currently a member of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Institute of Directors in South Africa (IoDSA).

Martin Schlecht is a co-founder of Dornier Suntrace, has 22 years of experience in international renewable and conventional energy projects. Martin is an acknowledged expert for CSP, PV and storage, and has led the advisory teams for projects with an aggregate capacity of >4 GW in in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the MENA region. He and his team have worked at the forefront of hybridization of renewable energy technologies, and have implemented with B2Gold the (currently) largest solar PV and Battery Storage Hybrid project for an off grid mine, the Fekola gold mine in Mali, with 36MWp and 15.5MWh BESS. Martin is Board member of the German CSP Association (DCSP) and lectures solar electricity generation at TUHH Hamburg University of Technology. He holds a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Dave Manning, Global Head of Hybrid and Managing Director at JUWI Renewable Energy, has 25 years鈥 international experience in power solutions for mines and remote energy consumers. He was also previously involved in the Australian DeGrussa Sandfire hybrid project as General Manager for the Thermal Power Station Owner, from initial contract negotiation through to project completion. Based in Perth, Dave is responsible for overseeing the installation and operation of hybrid installations worldwide, with Africa and Australia being the prime focus regions.

Marion Lafuma holds a BBA obtained at ESSEC Business School, followed by an MBA in Operational Management and Sustainable Performance. She joined Reuniwatt in 2011 when she launched the company鈥檚 Mauritian subsidiary. She then joined the Parisian office in 2013 where she is in now in charge of the firm鈥檚 business development. With a passion of sustainable and responsible energy, Marion has been responsible for expanding Reuniwatt’s sales in renewable energy, defence & space and atmospheric sciences. Having an analytical approach and troubleshooting with integrity, she has been at the core of the company, accompanying it from a regional startup to international market leader.

Robbie Louw

Director @Promethium Carbon

Martin Schlecht

Managing Director @Dornier Suntrace

Dave Manning

Global Head of Hybrid and Managing Director @JUWI Renewable Energy

Marion Lafuma

Business Development Manager @Reuniwatt

This webinar took place on Nov 24, 2022 starting 12 pm CET.

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The Promethium Group of Companies consist of Promethium Carbon, Promethium Two Degrees NPS and Promethium Innovation. The Promethium Group is a dedicated climate change advisory group.聽 We have been active in the climate change space since 2003.聽 Our services cover both climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.聽 We have core competencies in all disciplines necessary for climate change work, including engineering, natural sciences and聽 the social sciences.聽 Our competencies in the mitigation space include a focus on energy, industrial processes, land use, and waste.聽 Our competencies in the adaption space cover inter alia risk and vulnerability assessments and scenario planning. Both the adaptation and mitigation competencies are supported by our skill in climate change reporting on multiple levels.
The Promethium team consist of a well-balanced mix of all disciplines required in the complex climate change field.聽 It includes a climate scientist, engineers, natural scientists, social scientists and a lawyer.

About Dornier Suntrace (dornier-group.com/companies/suntrace)

Dornier Suntrace GmbH is a member of the Dornier Group, which brings together several companies to jointly assist our clients in the implementation of projects and provide guidance in decision-making processes. The Dornier Group is a global one-stop shop for engineering services with a focus on the infrastructure sector. A functioning and interlocking infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the 21st century and is a basic prerequisite for progress. As generation costs for solar plants continue to decrease, the growth potential for solar technology in the future is enormous. While large scale solar power plants and grid-connected solar parks were the dominant technologies in the past, there is now a trend towards more intelligent, integrated solutions such as hybrid or multi-technology solutions, self-sufficient energy supply, water desalination, irrigation or power-to-X. Such tailored solutions for using renewable sources of energy with continuously decreasing energy costs and increasing efficiency are set to capture all conventional power and energy market segments. We develop these customized end-to-end solutions for renewables with solar technology as an integral part.

About JUWI (www.juwi.com)

JUWI is a global renewable energy company that provides project development, early design phase and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solutions with a dedicated practice for the resources industry. JUWI has over 1150 employees on 5 continents and is headquartered in Germany. JUWI is a wholly owned subsidiary of MVV Energie AG, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. JUWI has a strong presence in Africa and Australia. With more than twenty-six years track record of successfully delivering renewable energy projects, the company offers turnkey hybrid energy solutions to mining companies globally.

About Reuniwatt (www.reuniwatt.com)

Reuniwatt is a major player of the solar radiation and cloud cover assessment and solar and wind power forecasting. Based on solid Research and Development works, the company offers reliable products and services intended for professionals of various fields, making the best out of two key facets of the meteorology: atmospheric physics and data sciences. A particular focus has been placed on solar energy forecasting, while developing cutting edge solutions to improve the short-term prediction of the solar resource.
The company has won many grants, including H2020鈥檚 SME Phase 1 programme, which makes Reuniwatt a European Champion with regard to innovation. Reuniwatt has also been selected among the national fast-growing companies to join the prestigious French Tech 120 programme in 2020 and 2021, and the French Space Tour 2021