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White Papers

Our White Papers are intended to provide you with a maximum of objective information on selected topics, in order to help you with the implementation of your projects.

Cost Saving Potential of Solar Hybrid Systems for Microgrids: How to take full benefit of the solar resource within hybrid systems

Learn more about the cost saving potential of solar-battery hybrid systems combined with solar forecasting solutions using an exemplary case study of an off-grid mine in western Africa.


Solar forecasting service implementation within mega-projects

Find out more about the best practices for the set up of solar forecasting services within solar megaprojects.


Satellite-based Digital Twin: Monitoring and improving remote assets

Learn more about the Digital Twin based on satellite irradiation estimation


The consequences of the European electric grid’s lack of flexibility

Do you want to know more about how to anticipate negative prices on the spot market?


Solar energy forecasting for the TSO (transmission system operator)

Do you want to know more about our services for grid operators?


Webinars on Demand

Reuniwatt has been organising a series of live webinars with its clients and partners, accessible on demand in order to share our feedback. The webinars are free, open to all, and can be watched wherever and whenever you want!

Lessons learned: Monitoring and improving remote assets

Solar Assets are operated and monitored remotely. This is best achieved with a comprehensive set of data about all solar assets. In this webinar you’ll learn how to avoid wrong diagnosis and detect plant failure and early ageing.

Webinar on Demand

Dispatchable PV+Storage Plants using MESA-ESS and precision forecasts based on sky cams

This webinar with 8minute Solar Energy and Reuniwatt allows you to acquire best-in-class knowledge on managing large-scale dispatchable solar plant operations, and learn about a variety of grid ancillary services like frequency regulation and power smoothing to the grid that can be enabled through short-term forecasting.

Webinar on Demand

Off-grid Solar: The Cost Saving Potential of Solar Hybrid Systems using forecasting and sky cams for Off-Grid Mines

Add-on solar and storage solutions help mining businesses make their operations more sustainable. Resource Extraction has been relying on fossil fuels for decades, and is now turning towards add-on renewables. Suntrace and Reuniwatt will share their experience in the design and actual operation of off-grid solar projects, particularly for mines.

Webinar on Demand

Mega Solar Projects and Grid Integration Challenges – Benban’s return on experience

Designing and realizing mega-projects like Benban Solar Park brings along its own challenges. In our webinar Voltalia discusses the history of Benban’s commissioning and its particularities related to the project’s enormous size, while Reuniwatt presents the aspect of weather and production forecasting.

Webinar on Demand

Deep-learning approaches for weather-dependent businesses

This webinar explores how deep learning works and why weather-dependent businesses should consider machine-learning technology for weather forecasts. Reuniwatt’s Data Scientist Pierre Aillaud will talk about deep neural networks and probabilistic approaches applied to solar forecasting.

Webinar on Demand

EU innovation Project: TRUST-PV insights and three Perspectives

TRUST-PV is an EU-funded project dedicated to help achieve a more grid-friendly integration of solar power in the EU and enable optimized grid stability and operations. With this webinar, four of the project consortium’s members will introduce the project and provide more information about our cooperation to interested parties.

Webinar on Demand

French Overseas: A successful example for Solar & Storage in Islands

This webinar presents the necessary steps for the successful implementation of photovoltaic power plants with storage and forecasting and discusses successful examples for their application and role in the energy transition of islands. Naldeo Technologies & Industries and Reuniwatt share their experiences and discuss how such solutions help to reach 100% of renewables – moderated by the innovation cluster of Guadeloupe, Synergîle.

Webinar on Demand

We are continuing our successful webinar series in 2021.

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Flagship Projects

Our services help our customers all over the world in their everyday operations to take better account of solar production and the cloud cover. Discover a selection of our achievements.

Le Portail – 1MWp PV + storage

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Oiapoque – 4MWp PV + Diesel

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CSP and PV mega-projects in Morocco

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Springbok Solar Cluster – 400MWp Dispatchable PV + Storage

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