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The thermal infrared imager for 24/7 all-sky observation

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Cloud observation & forecasting expertise

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Solar radiation & cloud cover forecasting

Reuniwatt offers cutting-edge solutions for high-resolution observation of the cloud cover and the solar irradiation, and short-term forecasting services. Acknowledged by industrials and researchers, they have been successfully deployed across all continents.


Satellite services

Geostationary satellite images are processed using our proprietary method SunSat™ to retrieve cloud cover and solar irradiance at the ground level at a kilometric resolution. Very handy for site monitoring, the data is available worldwide over the past, the present, and even the future!

All-sky imagers services

Our specifically developed sky imagers, including Sky InSight™ for 24/7 all-sky observation, enable to monitor the cloud cover with an unprecedented accuracy, and can be used to precisely forecast the solar plants’ production within the next few minutes with InstaCast™ method.

About us

Reuniwatt is a leading company in the field of atmospheric sciences and solar irradiance estimation



PEMB-Reuniwatt : l’innovation issue du territoire au service de la transition énergétique
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[Exposition] MTWE
Oct 11-13, 2022 – Paris – more info available soon


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