Solar power plant operators (Asset Managers, O&M service providers) and project developers face well-known technical difficulties concerning the irradiance measurement (with tools such as a pyranometer): wiring difficulties, poor data reliability and limited access to the database…. Taking into account the feedback from field experience, Reuniwatt has developed the Solar InCell, a turnkey device that solves these down-to-earth complications linked with GHI and GTI measurement.


The Solar InCell, a customer-oriented product

Equipped with an embedded computer, a solar panel and an integrated battery, the Solar InCell is compact, energetically autonomous and connected. Unlike the pyranometer, the Solar InCell is immediately operational and can be easily relocated. The data are cross-validated with satellite imagery. They can be visualized through our dedicated visualization platform or transmitted in your preferred format.

Valérick“The Solar InCell is a robust solution that provides a seamless source of irradiance measurement. Its autonomy, lack of cabling and its ease of use make it a very efficient product.”

Valérick Cassagne, Total – Development Manager BIPV


The solution for solar project developers, O&M providers and Asset Managers


Myriad visualization platform – Solar InCell (black) and satellite (green) measurements.

We know that project developers need reliable and precise irradiance data for the different stages of the PV project development. The Solar InCell provides in situ irradiance measurements with a customizable granularity. Thanks to its two reference cells, it non only provides Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), but also Global Tilted Irradiance (GTI) in the chosen plan. Unlike a pyranometer, the Solar InCell is easily adjustable and can be moved without technical competency: just push the “Power” button and the device is up and running!

Raphael Alpin“I use Solar InCell irradiance measurements for due diligence reports presented to banks, investment funds and project certification organisms.”

Raphaël Alpin, Corsica Sole – PV Project Development Engineer

The Solar InCell measurements are precious for the Performance Ratio calculation. In addition, the visualisation platform Myriad provides real-time and historical irradiance data visualisation, helping solar power plant operators detect plant-level failures.

Credric Andre“Thanks to Solar InCell, I have reliable irradiance data for the development, the performance monitoring and the PR calculation of my solar power plant.”

Cédric André, Quadran Pacific – Director


If you want to know more about the product Solar InCell and to get a quotation for your specific needs, feel free to contact Charles.

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