Operators who own a solar portfolio or virtual power plants (VPPs) need to monitor their different installations.

Thanks to Reuniwatt, they can do so at a regional or country scale. With the development of distributed energy generation facilities, many plant owners  possess a multitude of small installations spread across a possibly large territory. Therefore, in order to ease the monitoring of one’s solar portfolio, Reuniwatt has developed weather tools for solar portfolio management.


Obtain reliable irradiance data

Obtain reliable irradiance data

When one possesses a large number of differently-sized installations, it may be complicated and/or too costly to install ground irradiance sensors everywhere. Moreover, data derived from satellite images have proven to be more accurate than ground measurements located beyond 25km from an actual installation. 

Get an independant verification

Get an independent verification

Solar data based on satellite images enable to independently certify performance ratio calculations calculated thanks to ground measurements. Indeed, satellite data are a token of independency as they originafe from independent service providers. Therefore, they may also be used to settle any argument relating to the quality of ground measurements.

Match load fluctuations

Match load fluctuations

Solar energy varies with the weather. Consequently, estimating solar irradiance in real time on an entire territory enables to match load fluctuations across several regions.


Solar portfolio management requires a real time estimation of the solar irradiance over an ensemble of plants. In that perspective, Reuniwatt has developed SunSat™, using satellite images, for any portfolio of installations on the planet:

  • SunSat™: Reuniwatt’s real-time estimation of irradiance data using geostationary satellite images for solar portfolio management, anywhere in the world. Read More


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