Power forecasting for energy trading is a necessary tool on spot markets.

So as to accurately forecast a plant’s production, it is necessary to collect and analyse a great number of meteorological and market data. This will eventually help balance one’s renewable energy portfolio and optimise profits. Energy volumes are then bought or sold in order to match the forecasts as closely as possible. Intraday and day-ahead forecasts, for a portfolio of plants or an entire country, thus represent a powerful asset for energy trading.

Optimise bids on the different markets

Optimise bids on the different markets

As a joint effort with its clients, Reuniwatt has developed robust and market-adapted forecasting solutions for energy trading. These solutions are available both for the intraday and day-ahead markets.

Reduce portfolio balancing costs

Reduce portfolio balancing costs

The use of power forecasting for energy trading enables to optimise bids to improve portfolio management. That way, the need in terms of particularly expensive balancing and reserve power mechanisms is lessened.

Anticipate electricity spot prices

Anticipate electricity spot prices

Power forecasts for entire countries or geographical areas permit to anticipate the impact of variable energies on electricity spot prices. For more details, download our case study.

Products & Services

Thanks to Reuniwatt, enjoy the most efficient power forecasting technologies. Improve your trading activity’s profitability with:

  • HourCast™: By having real time access to meteorological satellites’ images, Reuniwatt is able to offer solar forecasting for energy trading activities. We also provide wind power forecasts based on live production data, NWP model forecasts, and machine learning techniques for optimized results. With HourCast™, the forecasts are available for the next hours, with frequent updates. This is ideal for the intraday spot markets. This technology is used for country and portfolio forecasts. Moreover, it also refines day-ahead forecasts. Read more

  • DayCast™: Based on a hybridization of numerous weather data, DayCast™ is the most efficient forecasting method for 1 to 7-day ahead forecasts. Read more

Energy trading services

Portfolio Forecasts

Our Portfolio Forecasts product is entirely tailored. It comprises solar or wind production forecasting for a portfolio of installations, in the coming hours and days, thanks to our Hour Cast and/or DayCast™ technologies. This product is necessary to manage direct marketing for a renewable portfolio.

Country Forecasts

Our Country Forecasts product offers forecasts for a country’s whole PV or wind power production or for a TSO’s (Transmission System Operator) entire control area.
Country Forecasts integrates Reuniwatt’s HourCast™ and DayCast™ technologies. It is particularly useful to anticipate electricity’s spot prices.

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