Clouds provide valuable information for weather prediction and climate studies, in particular for precipitation, atmospheric circulation and surface radiation.

Yet they remain intricate creatures, because of the complexity of their formation, structure and dynamics. Reuniwatt has developed innovative solutions to observe clouds from above and below.


Discover the sky from below

Observing clouds at night and getting their variability above a site is a challenge, whether it is for aviation, agriculture or meteorological purposes.

Reuniwatt developed and manufactures Sky InSight™, a unique thermal infrared sky imager for continuous and high-resolution observation of the atmosphere at a specific site, whose key features are:

  • 24/7 observation
  • Cloud fraction, cloud-base height and cloud optical depth
  • Cloud type classification
  • Rain and fog detection
  • Circumsolar detection
  • Local irradiance mapping

Sky InSight™ at NOAA’s Table Mountain facility in Boulder, Colorado, as part of the Cloud Properties Experiment (CPEX) in 2018.

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