Reliable irradiance data is key to a weather-wise performance evaluation of the plants. SunSat™ Digital Twin is based on SunSat™ proprietary method which uses geostationary satellites to estimate the solar irradiance.

Quick and seamless deployment

Quick and seamless deployment

The solution can be implemented swiftly and remotely, since it requires no hardware installation.

Reliable and independant diagnostic

Reliable and independant diagnostic

Relying on acknowledged methods, SunSat™ Digital Twin is a powerful tool for plants’ asset managers to obtain health-checks at a glance and double-check the results from the field.

Comfortable user experience

Comfortable user experience

The use of satellite data enables to perform health-checks in real-time or for any chosen period, while avoiding missing data. The measurements and analytics are accessible through Myriad web portal from any device, anywhere, anytime.


SunSat™ Digital Twin solar asset management health-check


SunSat™ is a methodology which uses geostationary meteorological satellites to estimate solar irradiance. Images provided by the visible channel of the satellite sensor can be converted into global horizontal irradiance (GHI) maps with a proven accuracy.
SunSat™ benefits of constant improvement to increase the accuracy of the data provided. It is based on an original technique eveloped by Reuniwatt (Cros et al., 2015) and derived/optimised from the work developed about 15 years ago the Mines Paristech under the direction of Lucien Wald, made by Rigollier et al. (2004) and Cros et al. (2004).


Irradiance observations obtained from satellite images are subsequently converted into power production. To do this, Reuniwatt has developed an expert model taking in account the plant’s characteristics, the different components of the solar radiation, as well as other meteorological inputs such as ambient temperature.
In order to be as consistent as possible with the business plan, the modeling of the production can also be done using commercial models used for initial plant design (PVsyst or others).

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  • Irradiance, production and revenue supervision

  • Asset management essential analytics: Yield, Previous period comparison, Long-term average comparison, Forecasts, Health check alerts
  • 15-minute granularity
  • Worldwide coverage at 1 km² spatial resolution
  • Satellite-to-irradiance model: SunSat™ model (acknowledged by PVsyst)
  • Irradiance-to-power model: Commercial model used to develop the business plan (PVsyst, others) or Reuniwatt’s expert model
  • Comfortable user experience through dedicated web service
  • Integration to major O&M and asset management software via API
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