Reuniwatt offers high quality and reliable products and services for different applications, such as renewable energy, atmospheric sciences and defense & space, with a special focus on forecasting for renewables.

Renewable Energy

Forecasts for plant operations

Renewable energy forecasting for improved operation of plants and grid code compliance.

Hybrid systems

Up to 36% additional fuel savings for PV-diesel plants thanks to forecasting.

Solar project development

Reliable data for risk assessment and bankability evaluation of projects.

Operation & Maintenance

Independent weather data to ensure renewable assets’ performance.

Portfolio management

Effectively operate a multitude of renewable sites.

Energy trading

Renewable forecasts help leverage the energy trading activity on the spot market.

Grid operation

TSOs and DSOs make the most of distributed generation forecasts for an improved security of supply and economic efficiency.

Smart Grids
& Smart Cities

Sustainable and energy-efficient solutions integrate weather data for advanced resource management and planning.

Atmospheric Sciences

Defence & Space