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Nicolas Schmutz

CEO & Founder

Hobbies: Likes UltraLight aviation, scuba diving

Dr. Nicolas Sébastien

R&D Engineer

Missions: Artificial Intelligence and liaison with Universities
Hobbies: Likes aviation, photography, emerging technology

Dr. Sylvain Cros

R&D Engineer

Missions: Satellite remote sensing and radiative transfer
Hobbies: Likes karate, writing, cinema

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Olivier Liandrat

R&D Engineer

Missions: Ground imagery and Datamining
Hobbies: Likes climbing, hiking, playing the guitar

Laurent Huet

Financial Engineer

Missions: SolFin project : Solar energy forecasting based on financial mathematics, Statistics
Hobbies: Likes travelling, playing badminton

Dr. Samuel Jolivet


Missions: Meteorology modelling
Hobbies: Likes volleyball, hiking, travelling

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Samuel Lalire

Test Engineer

Missions: Instrumentation and maintenance consultant
Hobbies: Enjoys photography, hiking and biking

Marion Lafuma

Business Development

Missions: Marketing and commercial development
Hobbies: Likes travelling, cinema

Antonin Braun

R&D Engineer

Missions: Web technologies, physical simulation, customer relationships
Hobbies: Likes rugby, volleyball and new technologies

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Etienne Buessler

Sales Engineer

Missions: Products development
Hobbies: Likes music, strategy games and swimming

Nicolas Nitche

R&D Engineer

Missions: Ground imagery
Hobbies: Likes music, playing the guitar and tennis

Caroline Lallemand

R&D Engineer

Missions: GIS optimisation
Hobbies: Likes snorkeling, star gazing and cooking

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Mathieu Turpin

R&D Engineer

Missions: Information system development and data processing
Hobbies: Likes new technologies and creole samosas

Clément Bertin

R&D Engineer

Missions: Ground imagery
Hobbies: Likes astronomy, cooking and slackline

Frederik Kurzrock

Meteorologist (M.Sc.)

Missions: Meteorology modelling
Hobbies: Likes playing the drums, hiking and photography