Reuniwatt will attend the 3rd International Conference on Energy & Meteorology, ICEM 2015, from 22.-26. June, in Boulder, Colorado. Reuniwatt CSO Sylvain Cros will present some of our reasearch works. The latter will exhibit our latest breakthroughs in terms of Earth observation and use of geo-information databases in order to predict the power output of solar plants.

The ICEM 2015 will gather scientists, economists, stakeholders and other specialists working on the relations between meteorology and the energy industry.

As a speaker at ICEM 2015, Sylvain Cros will present our last innovations in terms of solar power forecasting. His presentation will particularly focus on the use of satellite images and the integration of a geographic data servers, in order to improve the quality and the reliability of our forecasts, regardless of the location.

Entitled “Soleksat, a flexible solar irradiance forecasting tool using satellite images and geographic web-services”, Sylvain’s presentation will take place at Millenium Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, on Tuesday June 23th at 15:10 MDT.