A promising partnership in renewable energy

Starting this August, Reuniwatt will intensify their activities in Australia. TotalEnergies supports Reuniwatt in its international development. TotalEnergies' support is ideal for developing Reuniwatt's business and enables us to offer our employees abroad a comfortable and stimulating working environment, in the presence of colleagues from the same sector of activity. The collaboration was announced at Intersolar 2024 in Munich in a press release from

Solar Backtests for different project phases

Solar power production forecasts have become an essential tool for solar power producers and developers. As the adoption of solar energy continues to grow, accurate forecasting plays a crucial role in optimizing operations, maximizing revenue, and ensuring grid stability. The Value of Backtests, or Historical Forecasts One of the key applications of solar power production forecasting is the use of historical forecasts for revenue

All-sky imagers’ impact on cloud cover monitoring

During the ACTRIS Science Conference 2024, Reuniwatt had the opportunity to showcase the unique features their Sky InSight offers in terms of cloud observation, including cloud type classification, cloud optical depth, cloud-base height and improved circumsolar detection. Improving cloud observation via sky cameras Observing cloud formations from the ground using sky imagers offers several benefits, both for scientific research and practical applications. These advantages

Meet Reuniwatt at The smarter E 2024

Meet our team at Intersolar Europe 2024, June 19-21, at booth A4.140. Discover solar energy forecasting at the upcoming Intersolar Europe Our energy meteorology products and services are an indispensable part of many solar, hybrid and wind power systems. We enable you to track the cloud movement, calculate local irradiance levels and accurately forecast your solar farms' performance. Nowadays, these functions have become essential

Meet us at ACTRIS Science Conference 2024

Clouds play a crucial role in Earth's radiative balance and impact industrial applications such as solar energy production, airport operations or ground-to-space optical communication. Meet us in Rennes next month to discuss all things cloud research during the ACTRIS Science Conference in Rennes, France from May 13-16, 2024. All-sky imagers for cloud cover measurement Will you be attending the ACTRIS Science Conference 2024? Get

10 years of sunshine

Reuniwatt has been delivering cloud observation and forecasting services to customers worldwide for over 10 years. As such, the SME has a number of employees who have already celebrated their 10-year anniversary in the company. We're happy to share some of the insights and experiences of Nicolas Sébastien, PhD, CTO of Reuniwatt, who has been working at Reuniwatt for more than a decade.Tell us a

Reuniwatt wishes you a happy new year

A new year is a fresh start! 2024 will bring us new opportunities. The transition from MSG to MTG-I1 satellite data will allow for even better nowcasts. It enables us to optimise forecasts on your portfolios of wind and solar power plant assets, through higher data frequency and improved quality. Shout out to EUMETSAT for their consistent work to improve meteorological satellite data! This

New white paper: High Penetration Renewables for Mines

Many mines operate 24/7 with limited fluctuations in their load profiles. The economic viability of a hybrid power plant combining solar power, wind power, BESS and thermal units can be anticipated using Dornier Suntrace's in-house modelling tool AHEAD. Forecasts of energy yields of renewable generation, as provided by Reuniwatt, are an essential tool to optimise the injection of solar and wind energy into the

Sky imagers: Assessing the climate impact of condensation trails

The images provided by Reuniwatt's sky imagers are an outstanding tool for cloud-related research. Forecasting the impact of condensation trails – so-called contrails – is one goal our sky imagers help to achieve.  Different research projects aim to provide tools to monitor the climate impact of contrails and forecast contrail formation. Learn more about contrails observation using sky imagers and the R&D projects featuring

[Webinar] Meteo data quality

[Webinar] Weather data: a key element in assessing the actual performance of your solar farms Meteorological data, particularly solar irradiance, is a key element in ensuring the profitability of a solar power farm, from the development phase through to the operational phase. These data are derived both from ground measurements, collected using in-situ equipment, and from assessments based on satellite images. In both cases,

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