Reuniwatt provides Sunology with weather data for its STREAM app for the real-time monitoring of solar production: Sunology, the French leader in residential solar systems that require no complicated work or assembly, has selected Reuniwatt, the market leader for estimating and forecasting solar irradiance, for a collaboration.

Supporting residential solar power producers

STREAM is Sunology’s brand new mobile application. It helps residential solar plant owners keep track of their self-consumption on a daily basis: PLAYMax equipment (solar plants with or without batteries) deployed, panel production, home consumption and device autonomy. Thanks to Reuniwatt, users now have access to the irradiance available at the location of their photovoltaic installation. This geolocated information is essential for checking that the panels are delivering the expected output power, depending on the weather: the irradiance varies according to the season and the day-to-day weather, and is indicated using 5 levels (1 to 5 suns).

Reuniwatt’s irradiance estimates are based on the real-time processing of satellite data, and updated every 15 minutes. Thanks to this new partnership with Sunology, Reuniwatt is now able to offer unlimited estimates over a pre-determined area: subscription to the service is at a fixed rate, regardless of the number of sites of interest in the area.

Collaboration for a green future

We’re very proud to be offering this new service, available via our API. This first key partnership with the leader in residential solar energy in France will enable us to offer solutions to private individuals, who are key players in a vital energy transition in a climate of global energy tension.” says Nicolas Schmutz, founder and director of Reuniwatt.

We were looking for a weather data provider that was sufficiently flexible and reliable to provide us with an offer for our customers: Reuniwatt ticked all the boxes! As for STREAM, the feedback from the first users is very promising, and the number of homes going solar thanks to us is growing all the time.” comments Vincent Arrouet, president and founder of Sunology.

A partnership that will be replicated in other geographical areas where Sunology intends to expand rapidly: the demand for irradiance estimations will be met by Reuniwatt, which offers satellite-to-irradiance solutions all over the world.

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Reuniwatt is a major player of the solar radiation and cloud cover assessment and solar and wind power forecasting. Based on solid Research and Development works, the company offers reliable products and services intended for professionals of various fields, making the best out of two key facets of the meteorology: atmospheric physics and data sciences. A particular focus has been placed on solar energy forecasting, while developing cutting edge solutions to improve the short-term prediction of the solar resource.
The company has won many grants, including H2020’s SME Phase 1 programme, which makes Reuniwatt a European Champion with regard to innovation. Reuniwatt has also been selected among the national fast-growing companies to join the prestigious French Tech 120 programme in 2020 and 2021, and the French Space Tour 2021