Our recognized tools for solar energy production forecast

Thanks to our products, Reuniwatt received several prizes and awards:


Winner of the French government’s SME Initiatives.


Prizewinner of the Innovation Datings – Smart Energies meeting.


Final winner of the CleanTech Republic award.

Reuniwatt won the Tremplin PME INNOV’ECO prize.

BPIFrance (former OSEO) and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research have rewarded Reuniwatt for its solar power forecasting solution, Soleka, in the “Creation – Development” category during the 15th edition of the “Concours National d’Aide à la Création d’Entreprises de Technologies Innovantes” (CNACETI), which aims at rewarding young companies involved in innovative technologies.


Reuniwatt was amongst the winners of the French-American NETVA prize (New Technology Accelerator Venture) challenge.

Prizewinner of the Project-Research Contest of ADEME.


Reuniwatt had already received a CNACETI (Concours National d’Aide à la Création d’Entreprises de Technologies Innovantes) award in the « Emerging » category.


Reuniwatt is certified by the competitiveness clusters Systematic, S2E2 and Capenergies.

Reuniwatt works in close collaboration with the University of Reunion Island towards the development of energy production forecast systems.

Soleka is accompanied by Reunion Island’s Regional Incubator and is registered by the National Association for Research and Technology (Association Nationale Recherche Technologie).