Microgrids and off-grid PV systems are becoming more and more common as there is a concrete will to move towards greener energy sources for remote sites.

Solar energy forecasting for microgrids and off-grid installations enables to more efficiently pilot hybrid systems using both PV and another source of energy, such as diesel generators or thermal plants. The use of a ground camera for intra-hour forecasting helps take the right decisions on when to launch or stop other means of production than solar energy.

Save significant amounts of fuel

Save significant amounts of fuel

Thanks to minutely forecasts, the whole installation can considerably reduce its spinning reserve. As a result, forecasting allows for important fuel savings.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By allowing very high variable renewable energy penetration rates, forecasts help lower the consumption of fossil fuels and therefore reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the consumption of locally produced energy avoids losses that would normally occur due to the transportation and distribution of electricity.

Improve system management

Improve system management

When integrated within a microgrid’s energy management system (EMS), solar forecasts enable a better anticipation of energy flows. Thus, an optimal exploitation of the solar potential is achieved.

Products & Services

Intra-hour forecasts, possibly in combination with intraday forecasts, are the best solution for planning of diesel generators dispatch schedule and short-term cloud detection within microgrids and off-grid projects:

  • InstaCast™: ultra high resolution forecasts within the next minutes can be provided using InstaCast™, which makes the most out of images of the sky taken by ground imagers. Such a service is particularly useful for solar plant operations when coupled to a storage system, or hybrid PV-diesels installations. Read more
  • HourCast™: Reuniwatt has developed specific algorithms to analyse and treat satellite images so as to forecast cloud motions above a specific site or portfolio of installations. Moreover, this solution helps manage solar plant operations thanks to daily updates. Read more

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