Solar O&M (Operations & Maintenance) is of great importance to follow and optimise solar power assets.

However, many solar PV farms are not able to measure and monitor correctly the performance of their power production. Moreover, a single installation faces an average of 5 incidents per year leading to a yield loss that can reach up to 55%! Thus, Reuniwatt has developed two solutions which help plant operators improve their solar O&M.

Reduce irradiance uncertainty

Reduce irradiance uncertainty

The calculation of a plant’s performance ratio is closely linked to irradiance uncertainty. Thanks to Reuniwatt’s solar O&M solutions, plant operators can calculate their site specific uncertainty. They can also reduce it, and thus launch maintenance at the right moment.

Obtain an efficient Key Performance Indicator

Obtain an efficient Key Performance Indicator

Irradiance data represent a very useful KPI, because they are used to verify production, yield, availability and performance.

Detect system malfunctions

Detect system malfunctions

By using the previously mentioned KPI, solar operators can determine if there are any system malfunctions by analysing the plant’s performance ratio.

Products & Services

Depending on your project’s specificities, several of Reuniwatt’s products could help you in your day-to-day solar plant operations:

  • Solar InCell™: This autonomous and connected weather station helps Reuniwatt collect ground and satellite data for O&M. Read More

  • SunSat™: Reuniwatt’s real time irradiance estimation tool using satellite images gathers O&M data anywhere on the planet. Read More.

  • HourCast™: Reuniwatt has developed specific algorithms to analyse and treat satellite images so as to forecast cloud motions above a specific site or portfolio of installations. Moreover, this solution helps manage solar plant operations thanks to daily updates. Read more
  • DayCast™: Forecasting a plant’s production up to 7 days in advance enables optimised solar plant operations. Read more

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