About Cécile Dap

Gap year intern at Reuniwatt, Cécile Dap is a student in Master in Management at HEC Paris. She's mostly interested in innovation and functioning of the renewable energies market. At Reuniwatt, she conducts Business Development missions.


You probably know the well-respected Paris-based International Energy Agency for its optimistic views on the future of non-renewable energy sources, mainly oil and coal. But it seems like time has come for a change. On the first page of its September 2014 Technology Road Map for Solar Photovoltaic Energy report, Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the IEA admits it: “Much has happened

Forecasting: the innovation that will revolutionize the use of renewable energies

How do we recognize a real innovation? The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) tried to answer this difficult question with the publication of a recent article in its Technology Review: “The ten breakthrough technologies of 2014”. More than allowing a dramatic change in our day-to-day habits, the 10 laureates have another common point: thanks to them, some of the most difficult scientific problems will

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