Reuniwatt places its skills in the domain of solar energy production forecasting at the service of energy trading. Its dedicated products are presented at the next E-World energy & water exhibition, which take place in Essen, Germany, from 10-12 February.

Solar power on the rise in German’s open market

With a 36% increase of its directly marketed solar capacity in 2014, Germany marks a step forward in the implementation of new business models for the integration of renewables in the wholesale market. Recent evolutions of Germany’s subsidizing policy (EEG 2014) also confirm that inclination. The trend is bound to increase this year, with direct marketing made mandatory for the majority of new PV plants.

A widespread need for forecasting

While a rising photovoltaic capacity is marketed directly, the issue of managing the predictability of intermittent energy sources has become essential. “Accurate forecasting of output is a vital part of the system operator’s toolbox for balancing, especially for those with ambitious variable renewable energy targets,” mentions a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). More generally, all the stakeholders in the solar energy value chain require solar energy to be made as reliable as possible. In this context, Reuniwatt’s exclusive forecasting tool Soleka combines several technologies to offer the best precision in accordance with the stakeholders’ diverse needs. Indeed, energy producers demand local forecasts, whereas traders are more interested in area forecasts, allowing them to optimize their bidding strategies.

A valuable tool for energy traders

The intermittence of solar energy may result in large shortfalls, due to a lack of predictability in the output data, and lead to suboptimal bidding strategies (under- and overcommitment of projected production). Soleka provides the most accurate short-term (day-ahead and intraday) solar forecasts, using bleeding-edge techniques. It uses a sophisticated combination of deterministic, probabilistic and statistical methods. These solar forecasts convey a certain competitive knowledge advantage to traders who integrate them in their daily transactions, namely for risk mitigation, resource commitments and penalty reductions.

Meet us at E-World

Reuniwatt’s experts are welcoming you on their stand (Hall 1 Booth 134) during the three days of E-World’s exhibition. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives to schedule an appointment or ask for a free invitation to the fair.