[FREE WEBINAR SERIES] Lessons learned: How to achieve a better Solar Park Performance

Why does my solar power plant underperform and do I need to send a technician on-site?

A number of experts decided to join forces in order to help IPPs and Solar Asset Managers better understand the challenges of the variability of solar park performance. Reuniwatt is proud to host the first webinar in the series on the topic: Lessons learned: Monitoring and improving remote assets.

Lessons learned, methods and valuable insights

A number of experts join forces to help Solar Asset Managers, Operators and Owners better understand the challenges of the variability of solar park performance.
Solar Assets are operated and monitored remotely. This is best achieved with a comprehensive set of data about all solar assets. Designing or improving existing solutions builds the basis for stable operation during decades.
Real life holds its surprises and challenges. How can those be automatically detected and overcome?
Can advanced analytics visualise losses and highlight the health state of your solar assets?
The experts in the discussion are:

  • specialists in ground- and satellite-based irradiance and energy forecasting
  • a monitoring and supervision expert with extensive experience in professional education
  • a long-term expert in engineering and consulting services for the photovoltaic industry

We are looking forward to your questions and a lively discussion!

After the Webinar you’ll have an understanding of:

  • How to compare a plant’s production to the production expected in the business plan, and for which reasons the performance differ from what was expected.
  • How to avoid wrong diagnosis and plan for site inspection only when needed
  • How to detect plant failure and early ageing
  • How to better mitigate the weather related risks of your solar assets

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Lessons learned: Monitoring and improving remote assets

Topics discussed:
Digital Twin – a must have?
O&M strategies to increase financial return in existing PV plants

Date: 07/05/2020

Time: 3pm CEST

Language: English

Webinar on Demand

Thomas Mart
TS Mart Consult

Jose M. Liquete
CEO, Arconi Solutions

Nicolas Schmutz
CEO, Reuniwatt

We also organise a French session on May 5th:

Supervision et optimisation à distance des centrales solaires

Sujets abordés :
Le Digital Twin: un outil indispensable pour la gestion d’actifs solaires ?
Cas d’étude de la performance des centrales et solutions d’optimisation

Date: 05/05/2020

Time: 3pm CEST

Language: French

Webinar on Demand (in French)

Emeric Tapaches
PIMENT Laboratory

Ramzi Tohme
CEO, Topbis Reunion

Nicolas Schmutz
CEO, Reuniwatt

We also organise a Spanish session on June 4th:

Lecciones aprendidas: Monitoreo y optimización de los activos remotos

Topics discussed:
Digital Twin – una necesidad?
Estrategias de O&M para aumentar el rendimiento financiero de las plantas fotovoltaicas existentes

Date: 04/06/2020

Time: 4pm CEST

Language: Spanish

Webinar on Demand(in Spanish)

Thomas Mart
MD, TS Mart Consult

Jose M. Carillo Salinas
Head of Engineering, Arconi Solutions

Frédéric de Laforcade
Key Account Manager, Reuniwatt

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