New challenges arise with the integration of high shares of renewables (wind, solar, hydro) into microgrids and so-called hybrid power systems. The 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop will gather international experts for fruitful discussions and experience sharing in Tenerife on the 8-9 May.

One challenge of island grids and micro-grids is to maintain the balance between production and consumption. Diesel generators are still frequently used for this task. Due to the unavoidable dependence on fuel price and delivery options, and the environmental impact, alternatives are being sought. Wind and solar power are independent of imported fuels and environmentally friendly: they are the obvious choice for islands and micro-grids. However, these renewable energies are dependent on variable resource availability; hence their maximum production capacity is subject to natural fluctuations. It is therefore important to develop strategies on how to align production and consumption in the best possible way and to find the perfect combination of conventional and renewable energies.

Short-term forecasting for a better management of the flexibility of the conventional energy sources is a promising lead that has been explored by Reuniwatt’s experts. Our representative Louis-Etienne Boudreault will make a presentation on “Sky-Imager Forecasting for Improved Management of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Diesel System” during session 6A of the Workshop, on Forecasting & Integration Issues, on May 9.