Webinar Series Part 14:

Asset Optimisation for Offgrid Projects using advanced performance analytics

In this webinar, Studer-Innotec and Reuniwatt showcase best-value solutions for the implementation of energy efficiency measures at off-grid plants ranging in perspective from production to consumption.

Topics discussed

  • Why monitoring production and electrical data is important for off-grid systems, and where to start
  • SunSat™™ live, hardware-free method for solar performance monitoring
  • Advanced electrical data analysis used for better energy management and automatic advice generation
  • Best practices: Use cases in challenging high-altitude settings

Learn more about robust solutions delivering high quality data for monitoring and optimising your assets’ performance allowing for better energy management and optimal usage of each element of your installations.

Joan Tarragó, Business Developer at Odyssey Energy Solutions

Pierre-Olivier Moix, CTO at Studer-Innotec
Sarah Vadillo-Quesada, Business Developer at Reuniwatt

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