Webinar Series Part 11:

Climate Change: IR detection will make the difference!

Precision in space, reliable and high-quality data on Earth: A simple concept that is helping to mitigate climate change through several aspects. The demanding requirements of space programs lead to the development of high performance, high resolution infrared detectors. In the first part of the webinar, we will share up-to-date information regarding IR technology for the latest generation of meteorological satellites and explain, how Earth observation is an essential tool for climate change monitoring and mitigation. Meteorological data is also essential for solar energy generation, and satellites offer high-quality images which are can be analysed by Reuniwatt’s SunSat™™ algorithms to provide in-depth information on irradiance conditions and solar plant performance worldwide.

Topics discussed:

  • State-of-the-Art infrared detectors for space applications and Earth observation
  • Innovative infrared technology for meteorological satellites: Precise data about our atmosphere for meteo forecasts and climate change monitoring
  • Climate change mitigation: High quality satellite data for renewable energy applications
  • SunSat™™ satellite-to-irradiance technology: reliable irradiance monitoring benefitting from constant improvement in satellite technology

Moderator: Lola Courtillat, Optics and Photonics Hub Coordinator @Systematic Paris-Region

Philippe Chorier, Space Business Development Manager @Lynred
Nicolas Schmutz, CEO @Reuniwatt

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