Deep-learning approaches for weather-dependent businesses

Deep learning techniques can enhance and improve weather forecasting and help weather-dependent businesses to encounter the effects of weather proactively.
But how does it work and how can it help solve today’s business challenges?

Topics discussed

  • Deep neural networks and probabilistic approaches applied to solar forecasting
  • The use of deep learning techniques to assess the impact of weather across major businesses

After the Webinar you’ll have an understanding of:

  • Why deep learning can enhance weather forecasts for solar energy in comparison to the use of physical models and image processing technology
  • How deep learning works
  • A use case from PV production forecasting
  • Why weather-dependent businesses should consider machine-learning technology for weather forecasts
  • Biased data and the importance of a good data set
  • The wide range of applications of weather decision-making engines

Chairman : Lionel Cordesses, Director – Intelligent Systems & Communications at IRT Saint Exupéry

Speakers : Pierre Aillaud, R&D Engineer at Reuniwatt and Johan Mathé, Co-founder & CEO atAtmo

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