We take a deep dive into California’s Springbok Solar Cluster, which will produce in average about 10% of the power needed to power the city of Los Angeles.


Topics discussed :


  • Sky cameras as a key enabler to dispatchable solar.
  • California’s Springbok Solar Cluster use case.


In this webinar you will learn :


  • A pioneer mega-scale project with unique features.
  • An innovative sky imager and a tracking system.
  • How to detect plant failure and early ageing.
  • How solar short-term forecasts can be used for active power smoothing.
  • How an advanced control solution coupled with high-accuracy forecasts will allow you to achieve multiple control modes.


Chairman : Thomas Mart, TS Mart Consult


Speakers : Bora Akyol, Sr Director of Software Engineering at 8minute Solar Energy and and Louis-Étienne Boudreault, R&D Engineer at Reuniwatt