Designing and realizing mega-projects like Benban Solar Park, a 1.65 GWp project in Egypt, brings along its own challenges. What solutions do exist for problems such as end of line issues, and how is it possible to ensure a stable operation for the years to come?

Topics discussed :

  • A history of Benban’s commissioning and its particularities
  • Weather and production forecasting of mega-plants

In this webinar you will learn :

  • The essential points to be addressed in order to integrate a mega project into the grid (requirements of the grid operator, compliance list, technical specifications).
  • The limitations applied by the grid operator to allow the production of the solar complex to be regulated (specifications in the grid code and connection points).
  • How climatic challenges to be overcome in desert areas.
  • How forecasting helps maintain the supply-demand balance.

Chairman : George Dalamagas, inAccess

Speakers : Victor Ribeiro, Power Systems Specialist and Estelle Lemare, Asset Owner at Voltalia and Laurent Huet, R&D Engineer at Reuniwatt