Why does my solar power plant underperform? Do I need to send a technician on-site? A number of experts decided to join forces in order to help IPPs and Solar Asset Managers better understand the challenges of the variability of solar park performance.

Topics discussed :

  • Digital Twin – a must have?
  • O&M strategies to increase financial return in existing PV plants

In this webinar you will learn :

  • How to compare a plant’s production to the production expected in the business plan, and for which reasons the performance differ from what was expected.
  • How to avoid wrong diagnosis and plan for site inspection only when needed.
  • How to detect plant failure and early ageing.
  • How to better mitigate the weather related risks of your solar assets.

Chairman : Thomas Mart, TS Mart Consult

Speakers : Nicolas Schmutz, CEO of Reuniwatt and José M. Liquete, CEO of Arconi Solutions