Webinar Series Part 10:

Wireless Laser Communication: Don’t let clouds get in the way of success!

Weather remains the achilles heel for free-space optical communication (FSOC). Atmospheric factors along the path of the light are changing with the weather over time. Clouds and fog in particular can result in scattering or absorption, significantly reducing signal intensity. How can the reliability of these systems be increased by taking weather into account? In this webinar Airbus, Reuniwatt and Systematic Paris-Region discuss how the combination of FSOC and weather forecasting technology is poised to change the communications market as we know it!

Topics discussed

  • State-of-the-Art FSOC systems and their applications
  • The latest advancements in free-space optical communications research
  • Precision cloud forecasting: How it’s done
  • Why the combination of FSOC and weather forecasts can revolutionize global communications.

Moderator: Lola Courtillat, Optics and Photonics Hub Coordinator @Systematic Paris-Region

Kevin Shortt, Research Project Leader @Airbus
Olivier Liandrat, Sky Imaging Team Leader @Reuniwatt

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