Solar forecasting for plant operations is crucial for many stakeholders involved in photovoltaics.

Indeed, plant operators and PV producers need to accurately forecast the volume of energy their solar plants will produce in the coming minutes, hours and days, in order to sell the electricity produced to grid managers.



Increase economic benefits

Increase economic benefits

Solar energy forecasts lead to reduced imbalance charges and penalties. Therefore, solar forecasting for plant operations gives a good visibility regarding the resources which will be available in the next minutes, hours and days.

Integrate more variable energy sources

Integrate more variable energy sources

Integrating forecasting into the process of committing generation units can help operators moderate the uncertainty linked to solar generation.

Improve system reliability

Improve system reliability

Scheduling and planning using forecasting help avoid costs and the lack of efficiency due to unnecessary starts and stops of diesel and thermal generators.


Depending on your project’s specificities, several of Reuniwatt’s products could help you in your day-to-day solar plant operations:

  • Sky InSight: this unique ground imager has been entirely developed by Reuniwatt. Its thermal infrared vision makes it more precise than other sky cameras. Sky InSight gathers images every minute and improves intra-hour forecasts. This is particularly necessary for solar plant operations using a storage system. Read more
  • HourCast: Reuniwatt has developed specific algorithms to analyse and treat satellite images so as to forecast cloud motions above a specific site or portfolio of installations. Moreover, this solution helps manage solar plant operations thanks to daily updates. Read more
  • DayCast: Forecasting a plant’s production up to 7 days in advance enables optimised solar plant operations. Read more

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