We are pleased to welcome Thomas Mart to our team, and to let him introduce himself:                                 

“Who I am: Entrepreneur with over 20 years career in Germany, Australia, South Africa and USA. A firm believer in renewable energy, I have dedicated myself to the photovoltaic power industry for almost a decade in projects, services and distribution.

Why Reuniwatt: Because this leading and truly international forecast provider bases its business on digital services which are the fuel of the future. Over the last few years Reuniwatt has developed and groomed its forecast products to perfection. I love to support this growth, specifically for German customers. Sure enough, I gladly arrange demos and services globally as may be required.

What you can expect from me: eye level open discussions and straight answers. If it does not help your business there is no point in pursuing it.

What I would like to know from you: Where do you see the industry going? Are you sure you already get the best what is out there and what you need? Are the prediction models exact and diverse enough? Which services will help to improve your business in the future?

Let’s talk about it. You are not automatically signed up for yet another newsletter! (unless you insist)

E-world: If you are at the E-world exhibition in Essen beginning of February, drop me an e-mail and we can set up a short introductory meeting.

Contact: Please feel free to send me any comments or enquiries at thomas.mart-ext@reuniwatt.com.”

Our CEO Nicolas Schmutz salutes this arrival:

“Thomas has acquired a solid experience of the solar industry through more than 20 years of services for major players. His support will help us strengthen our presence on the German market, that is the spearhead of solar in Europe.”