Reuniwatt’s successful webinar series continues. Our next key topic: How to evaluate the performance of your solar power plants correctly.

Focus on KPIs for your solar system portfolio

Digital solutions are nowadays a standard for measuring and evaluating the performance of PV systems according to the state-of-the art. But what are the top KPIs for asset management reporting? And how can automated reporting be implemented sensibly and cost-effectively? Reuniwatt and proElux will share their expertise in automated evaluation and monitoring of solar system performance in a free webinar PV system performance: Expectation versus reality on 05/11/2020.

Update your energy key figures and KPIs

Solar asset managers, solar plant owners and operators can identify their best projects through comparisons, benchmarking and diagrams, in order to reduce risks, recognize good projects and increase their chances of success in the future. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help to quantify whether a solar system is delivering the desired performance. However, a clear picture of what can be derived from the reporting to evaluate the performance in a professional and easily readable way and to solve performance problems is often lacking. Part of this issue is the sheer number of possible performance indicators. What is really useful and how can the performance measurement of a solar portfolio be presented in a convenient standardized way?
To make your performance-reporting decision easier, proElux will address the differences between different KPIs and the role of measurement tolerances for reporting. Furthermore, based on its long experience and developer of a Manufacturing Execution System, proElux can take a balance of how experiences from quality management in production can be transferred from the industry into the energy sector in order to establish a standardized automated reporting system. Reuniwatt will present the applications and advantages of a digital twin based on satellite data to achieve dynamic yield prognoses without hardware installation. The participants of the webinar will be able to draw on the profound experience of both companies in the concluding live discussion.

The webinar took place on 05/11/2020 at 3pm CET. The webinar language is German. Watch the webinar on demand:

Webinar on Demand

About Reuniwatt (

Reuniwatt is a major player of the solar radiation and cloud cover assessment and forecasting. Based on solid Research and Development works, the company offers reliable products and services intended for professionals of various fields, making the best out of two key facets of the meteorology: atmospheric physics and data sciences.
The company has won many grants, including H2020’s SME Phase 1 programme, which makes Reuniwatt a European Champion with regards to innovation. Reuniwatt has also been selected among the national fast-growing companies to join the prestigious French Tech 120 programme in January 2020.

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proElux has made it their mission to be the IT solution provider for the renewable energy industry. Our focus is to provide proven methods and instruments according to industry standards for the operation of decentralized power generation plants.
The provided solutions are based on the MES system fabMES (Manufacturing Execution System) which was developed and is operated for monitoring, analysis, control and optimization of production plants and production processes.