[Webinar] French Overseas: A successful example for Solar & Storage in Islands

Reuniwatt, Naldeo Technologies & Industries and the innovation cluster of Guadeloupe Synergîle are pleased to invite you to their joint webinar. This webinar will deal with photovoltaic power plants with storage and forecasting and discuss successful examples for energy transition on islands. Anne-Laure Frenet will lead the discussion and ask your questions live to our two speakers: Laurent Huet from Reuniwatt and Bruno Daugrois from Naldeo Technologies & Industries.

After this webinar you’ll have an understanding of:

  • Solar & Storage solutions: Why they are essential to achieve energy independence in French overseas islands

  • The necessary steps for the successful implementation of forecasts within an intelligent control system

  • Case Studies and experiences of Naldeo Technologies & Industries and Reuniwatt in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Reunion Island

  • How such solutions can help to reach 100% of renewables in these insular areas.

About the speakers

Anne-Laure Frenet is an Energy and Environment Energy at Synergîle. After an engineering degree and an M.A. Management of Sustainable Construction Projects, she worked for environmental consulting companies. At the end of 2020 she returned to her home, the island of Guadeloupe, with the goal of contributing to its energetical and environmental transition, and more generally for the Caribbean islands’ energy transition.

Laurent Huet is a financial engineer. He holds an MSc in Engineering (ENSEEIHT) and an MSc in Finance (DESS 203-Paris IX Dauphine). He started as a software engineer for Société Générale in Paris, then worked as a quantitative analyst for AMP Capital in Sydney and as a volatility arbitrage trader for Mako Global in London. He is now applying his skill set in financial forecasting to the photovoltaic production.

Bruno Daugrois graduated from INSA Lyon in Energy and Environmental Engineering. In 2015 he joined Bertin Technologies and its Smart Energy activity which works on the intelligent management of hybrid energy systems via its solution ENERBIRD. For more than 5 years, he has been working on the issues inherent to energy management: how to control storage, production and consumption; how to size the installed equipment; how to react to operational hazards? In 2020, the transformation of Bertin Energie Environnement into Naldeo Technologies & Industries is the opportunity to assert his role by becoming Head of Studies and Innovation.

Anne-Laure Frenet

Energy & Environment Engineer @Synergîle


Laurent Huet

Lead Data Scientist @Reuniwatt

Bruno Daugrois

Head of Studies and Innovation @Naldeo Technologies & Industries

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About Reuniwatt (www.reuniwatt.com)

Reuniwatt is a major player of the solar radiation and cloud cover assessment and forecasting. Based on solid Research and Development works, the company offers reliable products and services intended for professionals of various fields, making the best out of two key facets of the meteorology: atmospheric physics and data sciences. A particular focus has been placed on solar energy forecasting, while developing cutting edge solutions to improve the short-term prediction of the solar resource.
The company has won many grants, including H2020’s SME Phase 1 programme, which makes Reuniwatt a European Champion with regard to innovation. Reuniwatt has also been selected among the national fast-growing companies to join the prestigious French Tech 120 programme in 2020, and remains a part of the selection for 2021.

About Naldeo Technologies & Industries (www.naldeo-technologies-industries.com)

As the successor of Bertin Technologies for their Energy & Environment activities, Naldeo Technologies & Industries has been accompanying its customers towards technological excellence and environmental responsibility for over 60 years. The company relies on the expertise of its 80 engineers and experts to accompany industries and territories on their way to a successful energy transition. Its historical positioning as a designer of technological solutions has been extended and completed by an engineering, expertise and consulting offer. Naldeo Technologies & Industries evaluates, designs and implements turnkey solutions.

About Synergîle (www.synergile.fr)

The Synergîle innovation cluster is based in Guadeloupe and has been attached to the national competitiveness cluster Capénergies since July 2007. It is a non-profit association under the French law. Synergîle has about sixty members, based in or operating in Guadeloupe, Martinique or French Guiana, and in connection with its competences. The innovation cluster is made up of 3 departments: the Regional Observatory of Energy and Climate (OREC); the engineering of energy and materials innovation; the Industrial and Territorial Ecology (EIT).