The European Union aims to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. This will not only reduce the energy bill and help become energy-independent, it will also help fight climate change. Solar and wind power are two green energies that do not emit greenhouse gas emissions. However, they both are  intermittent energies. It has become essential to forecast those energies’ production in order to take the right measures in time and make them reliable.

Power producers must be able to make sure that supply and demand for electricity are equal at all times, even if the consumption of this resource is persistently increasing. Moreover, they need as best they can to improve energy efficiency. Those challenges cannot be reached without effective tools regarding electricity storage, client consumption optimization and real-time technology to handle energy transit on the grid.

Soleka is the ultimate decision making tool to deal with such an intermittent energy. By forecasting photovoltaic production at different time frames, Soleka offers several solutions to electricity professionals:

  • Network stability (short term forecasts): 15 – 30 minutes ahead;
  • Storage capacity management (intraday): 4 – 6 hours ahead;
  • Dispatching traditional planning: day ahead.

Intermittent energy mitigation by Soleka

To know more about how to cope in an effective way with this intermittent energy, you can download the brochure on Soleka.