SOLARC, leading innovative solar product vendor and Reuniwatt, solar power production forecasting pioneer are proud to announce they are launching a joint product named S3G during the 2014 edition of EU PVSEC, in Amsterdam.

Reuniwatt is an expert in solar power forecasting, thanks to its unique and patented decision-making tool, Soleka. SOLARC has a proven expertise in the design and manufacturing of solar reference cells and energy management systems for such devices.

Both companies share an identical vision of a monitoring system and the necessity to use the internet to optimize photovoltaic installations’ management. Therefore, the two companies have decided to invest together in the development of a new solution consisting of a cloud-based solar irradiance measurement device, based on machine to machine (M2M) and a web portal: S3G. Thanks to a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API), the data are transferred onto our clients’ current monitoring portals.

SOLARC has a strong experience in the development of high-technology and high-quality solar products. We have known from the start working with them would enable to merge our complementary expertise in order to propose an innovative monitoring solution. S3G is unique because it does not require cabling: it is both cloud-connected via a SIM card, and autonomous in energy thanks to a solar module integrated in the device, which charges its batteries. And of course, the device is German Quality!” said Nicolas Schmutz, Reuniwatt CEO.

Reuniwatt was the right company to partner with to develop S3G: first, its successful R&D projects in the fields of solar power and Big Data proved it, and second, Reuniwatt is our number one customer for irradiance measurement ” added Dieter Werner, SOLARC CEO.

You can visit Reuniwatt and SOLARC on booth F1 in Hall 1 during EU PVSEC 2014 to find out more about S3G.

To find more information on S3G – Reuniwatt and SOLARC’s new solar irradiance measurement solution – please visit our dedicated page.


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