The 7th and 8th of November will take place Solar Asset Management Europe, the conference dedicated to the optimization of the PV plants and portfolio operation and management. During two days, O&M service providers, asset managers an other industry stakeholders share their best practices and discuss about the key challenges that the activity will face in the coming years. Once again, Reuniwatt will take part in this major event.

The programme will be intense and ambitious: the challenges that the solar asset management activity faces in a very changing regulatory environment require the expertise from a vast range of experts from different fields.

Key challenges on the agenda

The growing competition between market players and the diminution of the renewable energy selling price lead solar asset managers to optimize the outputted energy of a power plant. The use of LCOE is more and more questioned. More precise and sophisticated indicators are now required. The performance ratio calculation and maximization is a well-known challenge for solar power plant operators.

The structuration of the solar industry leads market players to make strategic moves: downstream, vertical integration of asset management by major project development companies, external growth of PV portfolio that lead to a challenging management of heterogeneous, dispatched PV portfolios….

The liberalization of the energy markets, the end of a Feed-in Tariff policy in many countries and the dawn of a European single energy market are factors that make renewable, variable energy yield optimization more complex. The root of a PV plant performance, the key element that influence the production of a solar power installation, is the solar resource.

Reuniwatt, the solar irradiance expert

Solar InCell™Assessing and measuring in-situ irradiance provides a core indicator for the optimization of a plant performance. It is an objective data for the performance ratio (PR) calculation and the evaluation of the operating state of the power plant. Good measurements of irradiance data are a key element that meets very down-to-earth, field-level problems: plugging and transmission difficulties, data unreliability, burdensome instrument management….

To solve these issues, Reuniwatt has developed a fully autonomous, connected and nomad irradiance measurement device: the Solar InCell™. This solution has already convinced numerous solar asset management players: find out more about this product and read the testimonies of our customers here.


More and more players manage large PV plant portfolios dispersed across the world. They are struggling because of the lack of a consistent, centralized source of irradiance data. For these players, Reuniwatt offers SunSat™ live, a proven solution for irradiance real-time estimations based on satellite imagery.

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